Home 3D Printers: Why You Need One Now

The innovation and materials getting to be less expensive and more open to home clients are making possible for home 3d printers to hit the market hard.

3/22/2017Mario Honrubia

Automatic Alignment System Project (10 K € in Prizes)

This company is looking for an automatic alignment system to assure the correct placement of a spoon during the pouring down of fluxed steel.

3/21/2017Mario Honrubia

Underwater Robots for the Maritime Industry

There is a lot to improve in underwater transportation, where all is done by divers or submarines at a very high cost. Underwater robots solve this problem.

3/16/2017Mario Honrubia

4 Robot Assistants Already Helping in the Hospitality Sector

Have you realized how robot assistants are helping operators solve many kinds of situations in bars, cafes, kitches, even cruises?

3/15/2017Mario Honrubia

The Productivity Project for Tubes Packing (8-12K € in Prizes)

The productivity project we bring to you this time consists on finding a solution that reduces the labor cost at the end of a tube manfacturing line.

3/13/2017Mario Honrubia

Sustainability Projects that Will Change the Future of Solar Energy

Some companies have taken a chance on this opportunity and today we want to present 3 sustainability projects that will be with us very soon.

3/8/2017Mario Honrubia

Design Project for an Industrial Container (6K € in Prizes)

We are looking for an engineer that delivers a design project for an industrial container that stores rubber coming from a extrusion line.

3/3/2017Mario Honrubia

Meet the Ferrovial Robot Challenge Winners: Isaura and Michael

Congratulations to the Ferrovial Robot Challenge winners Isaura and Michael. We want to thank them for participating with such an amazing creation.

3/2/2017Mario Honrubia

4 Railway Engineering Technologies from the Future

Railway engineering technologies are not only improving the way we move nowadays, they are also transforming the way we move around the world.

3/2/2017Mario Honrubia