3 Semi Automated Technologies for your Business

semi automated

Automation is changing the industry as we know it, helping to make the industrial activity a lot easier either by eliminating alienating tasks or increasing the productivity. However, there are some cases when it is not so worth it to automate everything because of the high price of the technology. In these instances, semiautomation can provide good results at a much lower cost.

How to semiautomate?

We present you some mechanisms that can move heavy elements applying small forces, thus eliminating the need of having several operators moving the loads. These mechanisms are designed to produce different movements depending of the need.

Simple Mechanisms

semi automatedsemi automated

We can use very simple and afordable mechanisms to make many different taks such as lifting materials or different simple movements

Adapted Standard Simple Machines

semi automated

Combining with new sensors

These mechanisms can be combined with the new generation of cheap sensors to produce better results. This combination can provide good results at a low cost.

For example, there are proximity sensors that can be bought for less than 10€ which allow the mechanism to work with different levels.

semi automated

Apart from that, we can also use pressure transducers, which cost less than 85€. With them, we can distinguish between different kind of tubes and we can count the amount of tubes depending on the pressure that these sensors suffer

These are some ideas on how to approach the industrial automatization challenges. Can you solve our challenge Packing of steel tubes?


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