3 All-Terrain Robots Almost Too Good To Be True

Mario Honrubiarobotics

Engineers are taking gigantic steps forward in the technology field, and they are creating innovations so quickly that it is impossible to know what devices and applications we will find in the market next year. The topic we wanted to share with you today is the new all terrain robots able to handle all kinds of surfaces.


The first one was developed by the famous Google’s company Boston Dynamics. Its name is “Handle” and it is a surprising biped that can maintain the equilibrium in almost any surface or even jump. What is more surprising is that each wheel has its own stabilizer, allowing them to work independently, no matters the conditions of the field. It has a height of 1,98 meters and it is able to jump up to 1,22 meters. Handle can achieve a maximum speed of 14,5 Km/h and it can extend its electric battery duration up to 25 kilometers. Finally, as it was shown in the presentation video, Handle can carry objects with a weight of more than 40 Kg.

Ghost Minitaur

Ghost Minitaur is the new robot presented by the until recently unknown company  Ghost Robotics. Unlike the previous one, this robot is four-legged and medium-size, capable of walk through almost any surface (even ice), jump, climb or open doors. Its secret lies in its legs, equipped with different sensors that allow it to “feel”, applying the necessary force to perform these actions precisely. Ghost Minitaur can achieve a speed of 2 meters per second and jump up to 48 centimeters. Ghost Robotics claim that its main advantage is the software, that allows it to achieve these incredible results.


is the new robot developed by NASA to substitute the actual Rovers. This is a small robot that can access areas the Rovers couldn’t get into. It is inspired by origami art and it has been tested in several terrains. PUFFER can sense obstacles and self-adjust its wheels to avoid them. Also, these wheels are made with a material that enables it climbing at steeper slopes. Furthermore, it is equipped with a high-resolution micro-imager sensitive enough to see objects smaller than a fraction of the diameter of a single human hair, enabling it to “skitter walk,” which keeps the bot inching forward a wheel at a time in difficult terrain. Finally, PUFFER can travel 625 meters every charge, making the data collection easier.all terrain robots Are you a fan of robotics? Can you build a robot so skilled as the ones in the post? Join our engineering community here