Pablo Oliveros, the Student who Invented a New Wind Generator

Last week, we reached out to Pablo Oliveros, a UPM student who has received several awards on his renewable energy project based on a wind generator.

4/12/2017Mario Honrubia

2 Packing Systems for Tubes in the Steel Industry

To give you an idea of the solutions implemented in the steel tube industry, here are 2 types of packing systems that already perform this task.

4/11/2017Mario Honrubia

Drone Applications: From Package Delivery to Life-Saving

Over the years, we are witnessing the rise of drone applications, as varied as package delivery, accident-mapping or graffiti painting.

4/10/2017Mario Honrubia

Helena Navas: Inspirational Engineer

Today we wanted to introduce you to Helena Navas, professor at the Science and Technology School of Universidad Nueva in Lisbon, and researcher at UNIDEMI.

4/5/2017Mario Honrubia

3 All-Terrain Robots Almost Too Good To Be True

Here are 3 new all terrain robots able to handle all kinds of surfaces that are almost too good to be true. Check them out!

4/4/2017Mario Honrubia

3 Inspection Technologies in Different Industries

Today we want to introduce you some of the latest improvements in inspection technologies, which come from very different industries

4/3/2017Mario Honrubia

2 Automation Solutions for the Food Industry

With the rise of cobots, robot prices are not as high and automation solutions are more affordable to implement in a previously existing process.

3/30/2017Mario Honrubia

Alberto Frias: Studying Engineering Abroad At PUC Chile

Alberto Frias is a Spanish young engineering student at Pontificia Universidad Católica in Santiago de Chile and today we wanted to share his experience.

3/29/2017Mario Honrubia

A Pipe Inspection Camera & Other Technologies

There was a need to improve the pipeline draining. New technologies to carry out the inspection of pipelines has appeared, like this pipe inspection camera.

3/23/2017Mario Honrubia