Evaporation Engine: Renewable Energy from Water

Luckily, one of the most successful projects uses water instead. Learn more about the recently discovered evaporation engine.

4/24/2017Mario Honrubia

Unmanned Aerial Systems That Allows Autonomous Drone Navigation

A general architecture for autonomous navigation of unmanned aerial systems that provides drones with full flying autonomy.

4/19/2017Mario Honrubia

Alejandro Escario: Bringing Engineering and Medicine Together

​My name is Alejandro Escario Méndez and as soon as I had the chance to bring together Medicine and Engineering, I didn’t have second thoughts.

4/18/2017Mario Honrubia

3 Semi Automated Technologies for your Business

Automation is changing the industry, but in some cases it is too expensive. Here you can learn about new semi automated affordable technologies

4/17/2017Mario Honrubia

Pablo Oliveros, the Student who Invented a New Wind Generator

Last week, we reached out to Pablo Oliveros, a UPM student who has received several awards on his renewable energy project based on a wind generator.

4/12/2017Mario Honrubia

2 Packing Systems for Tubes in the Steel Industry

To give you an idea of the solutions implemented in the steel tube industry, here are 2 types of packing systems that already perform this task.

4/11/2017Mario Honrubia

Drone Applications: From Package Delivery to Life-Saving

Over the years, we are witnessing the rise of drone applications, as varied as package delivery, accident-mapping or graffiti painting.

4/10/2017Mario Honrubia

Helena Navas: Inspirational Engineer

Today we wanted to introduce you to Helena Navas, professor at the Science and Technology School of Universidad Nueva in Lisbon, and researcher at UNIDEMI.

4/5/2017Mario Honrubia

3 All-Terrain Robots Almost Too Good To Be True

Here are 3 new all terrain robots able to handle all kinds of surfaces that are almost too good to be true. Check them out!

4/4/2017Mario Honrubia