2 Innovative Tech Startups Created by Engineers like you


Ennomotive is a startup that organizes engineering competitions. The solutions submitted by the community members are so great that sometimes constitute the birth of new new startup.

Find here two tech startups that are breaking the market right now:

Innovative tech startup #1 - Nelumbo

The first one is the company called Nelumbo, committed to change the way of cooling today. Nelumbo is selling a new mechanism of heat transfer whereby liquid water droplets jump off a surface called Droplet (R)ejection™ Technology.

By applying a surface treatment, it makes the surface tension to be minimum and, as droplets grow and merge, small disturbances from the air cause these droplets to jump off, leading to operationally dry surfaces and/or equipment.

They have applied this system to two technologies by now:

  • The first one is Ice-Nein™ coating that attacks frost build up to improve cooling coils for Refrigeration equipment. It reduces equipment defrosting downtime, providing inventory safety and additional energy savings for existing or new equipment owners.
  • The other one is OMNIPHOBETM, a thin omniphobic (water and oil repellent) nano coating that may be universally applied to any scale or geometry. Applying this to air conditioning cooling coils allows them to run dry, increasing efficiency up to 25% by reducing water fouling. The coating also protects against corrosion, increasing the unit lifetime and reducing maintenance.

Innovative tech startup #2 - Genetesis

The other startup is Genetesis which has developed a device called CardioFlux, which allows clinicians to visualize the heart’s inherent electrical activity in dynamic 3D maps. It takes a non-invasive approach and doesn’t touch the skin.

CardioFlux uses sensors that fit into a grid on the arm of the device and analyze electromagnetic signals emitted by the heart. This data is processed using algorithms to reconstruct the underlying electrical activity of the heart for precision detection of abnormal heart rhythms and other conditions.

The company has completed a preliminary study with 28 patients at the Mayo Clinic that showed good results. A larger study begins at St. John Hospital in Detroit in May. Finally, they have collected $1.2 million in finance to continue developing this amazing device.

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