Positioning System for Tunnel Construction

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Due to the complexity of the matter, not everybody can be an expert on alignment systems. It is well known that these systems efficiently designed are really useful in manufacturing or construction processes avoiding plant technical shutdown periods. You can be part of our community as an expert and take a look at our engineering challenges in this field. In order to create a context for our required profiles we can see few examples where alignment must be used.

Tunnel Construction

Tunnel construction is a process that requires a huge alignment precision due to the fact it is a linear civil work and it involves an important investment and risks. An incorrect alignment in the construction may generate a waste of money because of a growth in concrete units.  To avoid this problem and assure budgets, new and sophisticated alignment systems are required.   The most sophisticated systems involve nowadays automatic laser when TBM are used for the construction of the tunnel. A construction control robot through automation and technology integration is capable of precisely positioning and tracking the TBM in the underground space. By applying innovative computing algorithms, the exact coordinates of the cutter head center on the working TBM can be derived in millimeter-level accuracy. Thus, the invisible cutter head center can be visualized in a tablet interface in relation to the as-designed alignment. There are other systems that are being used to solve different engineering challenges in the industry. These new technologies are bringing many different opportunities for industries to improve their operations while reducing costs and cutting risks. Are you aware of other technologies that can improve a positioning system? Join our engineering community here