Eco Friendly Packaging Design Challenge (8K in Prizes)

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Many modern companies share the challenge of becoming more sustainable and environmentally-friendly in their processes and use of materials. This is the case of this company, that wishes to replace the plastic wrapping of a water bottle six-pack for an eco friendly packaging. 

The challenge

The packaging of bottled water is usually made of a film of plastic material. The pack contains 6 bottles of water of 1.5 liters each. This plastic material is a shrink-wrap film, which is thermo-retracted with heat. The objective of this challenge is to replace the use of plastic materials in their products.

What the client is looking for

Our client is looking for a new paper-based packaging solution. This solution will replace the current plastic material used today as a six-pack wrappingThe material of which the bottles are made do not need to be taken into consideration for this challenge. This competition is intended to find a better or different design (modifying the actual design, creating a new design, use different paper-based materials, use another elements…) for the purpose of testing an optimum resistance packaging based on paper material. Required functionalities of the new packaging:
  • Easy to industrialize
  • Optimum resistance
  • Similar cost
  • Attractive design
In order to win this competition, it is mandatory to additionally submit a solution on how the packaging will be made with the proposed paper-based material. The company is thinking in a flexible process based on robotics to industrialize it, instead of a big and complex machine, according to the new industry 4.0 standards. The process speed is 1000 packs per hour.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria in each of the rounds of the tournament for the proposed solutions are:
  • Optimum resistance
  • Lower cost per unit (paper material)
  • Lower investment required to industrialize
  • Attractive design


This is a 3-Round tournament: 1st round: Deadline 26th June 2nd round: Deadline 24th July 3rd round: Deadline 30th September

The Prize

The winner will be awarded with a 8.000 cash prize, plus an 15% IP property. Join the challenge here