4 Robot Assistants Already Helping in the Hospitality Sector

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Have you realized how robot assistants are helping operators solve many kinds of situations at work? Today, Ennomotive brings you some examples of how robots are penetrating the hospitality sector.

2 Coffees per Minute

Forget about making coffees at the office, this machine will do it for you. Cafe X in San Francisco has invented a machine that can prepare coffees without human intervention. It can pump out 120 coffees every hour. The client can make your order via app or in the kiosk and your coffee is served in a few seconds. This allows the staff to allocate time to other tasks. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t42XCAChUN8[/embed]

Flippy: a Robotic Kitchen Assistant

We all know that there are thousands of hamburger restaurants in the world. Only McDonald has more than 36.000, so imagine the available market for Flippy, the new "kitchen assistant" robot that can grill, flip, prep, fry, and plate hamburgers. It has been developed by Miso Robotics and they state that this robot can also perform other tasks helping restaurants to improve food quality and safety without a major kitchen redesign. Flippy includes two cameras, one photographic and one thermographic. With them, it can distinguish types of hamburgers and know when is the right moment to turn them over. In addition, there is the BratWurst Bot which has the same functions, but focused on bratwursts.

Cocktails just went Robotic

Then we have the first robotic bartender in the world working in four Royal Caribbean ships. These special robots can muddle, stir, shake and strain all types of drinks; the cocktail combinations are endless, with 30 spirits and 21 mixers from which to choose. Each robot can produce 2 drinks per minute and can make up to 1,000 each day. Guests create an order—whether a custom requests or standard menu item—on a specially programmed tablet or with staff. They can keep track of their order on the digital screen next to the bar, and once it is ready, the bartenders will release their drink with a simple tap of their SeaPass card. The system has three components: the robots, the core of the show that everyone can see; the application that drives them; and the aesthetics. robot assistants

Moley Gives you a Robotic Hand in the Kitchen

Finally, we wanted to go back to an innovation we showed you on a previous postMoley, a kitchen with two robotic arms that learns how to cook complex recipes from top chefs by basically learning and repeating every movement they make. Which sector will be the next to be "infected" by robots, making our lives easier? You can start with our KDPOF challenge which want you to automate the quality test process of a chip. Join our engineering community here