Meet the Ferrovial Robot Challenge Winners: Isaura and Michael

ferrovial robot challenge winners

Now that you know everything that happened at the #FerrovialRobotChallenge, we would like you to meet the winners, the team coming from Denmark formed by Isaura and Michael, with this short interview. Hope you like it!

Engineering Competitions

Do you like engineering competitions?

-Michael – Yes, but not just engineering, I find myself to be a very competitive person and I like to challenge myself.

– Isaura – I don’t like to seek out competing with others but I love to compete with myself and see what I can accomplish.


Why did you participate the ennomotive-Ferrovial challenge?

We both have a passion for robots and thought this challenge would be really interesting and wanted to test our skills to see what we could accomplish.


Is there any other competition you’ve won/participated in?

Not really, but at school we have Innovation Camps where a company comes with a problem and in teams we have a week to create a prototype of a solution.  We are definitely looking for more challenges to compete in the future.


Have you worked in different sectors or countries?

We both have worked many different sectors ranging from teaching robotics to kids to software development.


Why did you decide to become engineers? Was there any influence from family, friends…?

We both like spotting a problem and trying to figure out a way to solve it.  I (Isaura) also have a bit of influence from my father who teaches technology to high school students.

ferrovial robot challenge winners


Once again, congratulations to the Ferrovial Robot Challenge winners Isaura and Michael. We want to thank them for participating with such an amazing creation at #FerrovialRobotChallenge and for answering this interview so kindly.

Do you relate to Isaura and Michael’s story? Do you want to win an engineering competition like they did?


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