Artificial Intelligence in Industry: New Services and Applications

With artificial intelligence (AI), industry 4.0 will be able to adopt many different competitive advantages. Sergi Palomar, winner of an ennomotive challenge tells us more.


Air Quality in Cars: Pollutants and Challenges

Vehicle interior air quality has been a topic of interest since the 70s when concern over the effect of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds began.

5/30/2019Mario Honrubia

Green Energy Efficiency in the Construction Industry

There are many techniques that can be incorporated into building to become more energy-efficient. Here are some examples of green energy technologies.

5/28/2019Mario Honrubia

The Future of Solar Energy: High Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) Cells

The future of solar energy must be curbing global warming. To accomplish that, high concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) cells will play an important role.


Waste Management: the Base for Circular Economy

The range of applications for waste management is very wide but it has only point in common: the search of sustainable development.

5/16/2019Mario Honrubia

Intelligent Functions to Improve in-vehicle UX (10K € in Prizes)

Help us to find new intelligent functions to improve in-vehicle user experience and propose sensors, actuators and required control systems

5/6/2019Mario Honrubia

Vehicle Interior Air Quality Management (10 K€ in prizes)

Help us to develop a system to ensure good vehicle interior air quality and reduce pollutants that find their way into the vehicle cabin.

5/6/2019Mario Honrubia

Cooling of Car Electronics (10K € in Prizes)

Cooling of car electronics is necessary to avoid damage since high-temperatures reduce their lifespan. Participate in the challenge!

5/6/2019Mario Honrubia

Increasing Mining Innovation through Startups

Chile has become a Latin American reference for mining innovation, which was possible thanks to a governmental boost through the Start-up Chile incubator.