Tunnel into Earth’s Vast Energy - Project Dig Deep

GTEC converts the temperature difference that occurs between Hot Deep Underground and Cool Shallow Ground, into Renewable Electricity with a Heat Engine.

4/1/2019Mario Honrubia

Compressed Natural Gas for Vehicles (35k € in Prizes)

Compared to gasoline and diesel, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is the most cost-efficient and clean alternative to fuel power vehicles.

3/27/2019Mario Honrubia

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car: How does it Work?

An attractive alternative to the electric car is the use of hydrogen for electric energy production on board: a hydrogen fuel cell car.

3/20/2019Mario Honrubia

7 Tech Challenges Associated to the Construction of a Space Probe

Here are some tech challenges that usually emerge from the building of a space probe and the technology necessary to overcome these barriers.

3/13/2019Mario Honrubia

The Different Uses of Fiberglass in the Automotive Industry

Fiberglass is a widely used material that became popular in the past few years. Here are the different uses of fiberglass in the automotive industry.


Nanomaterials: short History and Applications

Nanotechnology caused a revolution in the Materials field because the handling of materials’ internal structure had never been performed: Nanomaterials.


5 Cool Engineering Projects from 2018 that will inspire you

2019 has already started and we cannot be more excited. We have listed 5 amazing engineering projects from 2018 but there are more. What are your favorites?

2/5/2019Mario Honrubia

Innovative Materials for the Future of Batteries

The future of batteries. Ennomotive contacted the engineer Vivek Nair to learn about his experience and the future of batteries/carbon capture sectors.

1/4/2019Mario Honrubia

Polymer Nanocomposites: the Upcoming Disruption for Energy Saving

We have contacted Fernanda to learn about his experience and the future of polymer nanocomposites. Here you can read the full interview.

12/19/2018Mario Honrubia