New Materials Improve Mining Operations and the Environmental Impact

The most significative innovations and efforts in Material Science for the future will be to reduce the environmental impact of mining operations.

12/11/2018Mario Honrubia

Efficiency in Automotive Industry: OptiBlanks

OPTIBLANKS: Hybrid EMAT-Vision solution for OPTIMISATION of advanced manufacturing process of automotive tailor welded BLANKS.

12/3/2018Mario Honrubia

Window Cleaning Solution for Tall Buildings (10K USD in Prizes)

Can you think of a new window cleaning solution to automate the process that reduces the cost and increases the efficiency?

11/26/2018Mario Honrubia

Most Innovative Project 2018: PEMF and multi-wire method

It describes an innovation based on a multi-wires method that increases the electric current in an electric generator or electric motor.

11/20/2018Mario Honrubia

Most Innovative Project 2018: New Design of Gear Wheels

A new design and technology for the production of straight-toothed gear wheels with a diameter from 5,500 to 20,000 mm has been proposed.

11/19/2018Mario Honrubia

Most Innovative Project 2018: Universal Automatic Tick Gripper

One advantage of the universal automatic tick gripper mechanism is its ability to capture and lift loads of various geometric shapes without the the slinger

11/19/2018Mario Honrubia

Most Innovative Project 2018: Railway Track Monitoring Robotic System

This railway track monitoring robotic system involves the design of crack finding robot for finding cracks in railway tracks.

11/19/2018Mario Honrubia

The Future of Water Saving: Polymer Materials are Coming

We have contacted Matteo to learn about his experience and the future water saving and polymer materials. Here you can read the full interview.

10/30/2018Mario Honrubia

Innovative automation will transform the decision-making process

We have contacted Alejandro to learn about his experience and the future of innovative automation. Here you can read the full interview.

10/23/2018Mario Honrubia