Most Innovative Project 2018: Railway Track Monitoring Robotic System

This railway track monitoring robotic system involves the design of crack finding robot for finding cracks in railway tracks.

11/19/2018Mario Honrubia

The Future of Water Saving: Polymer Materials are Coming

We have contacted Matteo to learn about his experience and the future water saving and polymer materials. Here you can read the full interview.

10/30/2018Mario Honrubia

Innovative automation will transform the decision-making process

We have contacted Alejandro to learn about his experience and the future of innovative automation. Here you can read the full interview.

10/23/2018Mario Honrubia

Discover the Future of Industrial Automation in Internal Logistics

Here you can read the interview about Eduardo Puente, where he talks about his experience as a winner and the future of industrial automation.

10/4/2018Mario Honrubia

Civil Engineering Innovation Challenge (20 K € in Prizes)

Help Acciona Construction with an innovative and cost-efficient way to dry wet soil for this civil engineering innovation challenge.

10/2/2018Mario Honrubia

A new mechanism for bikes - Triskelion Project

This new mechanism can be fitted to almost any type of bicycle (or hand-cycle), helping significantly the effort of the cyclist.

10/2/2018Mario Honrubia

The UNESCO MAB Programme aims to Accelerate the Adoption of Renewable Energy

The MAB Strategy foresees the implementation of strategies on climate change mitigation and adaptation through the adoption of renewable energy.

9/25/2018Mario Honrubia

4 Amazing Crowdsourcing Competitions that Transformed the Industry

Crowdsourcing Competitions have proven to be a successful innovation model, but this is not recent news. Innovators have been using this method for years.

9/20/2018Mario Honrubia

Agricultural Solar Sprayer

Agricultural sprayer (solar energy based) was developed with free fuel cost when compared to conventional spray engines. Take a look at this project.

9/6/2018Mario Honrubia