A new mechanism for bikes - Triskelion Project

This new mechanism can be fitted to almost any type of bicycle (or hand-cycle), helping significantly the effort of the cyclist.

10/2/2018Mario Honrubia

The UNESCO MAB Programme aims to Accelerate the Adoption of Renewable Energy

The MAB Strategy foresees the implementation of strategies on climate change mitigation and adaptation through the adoption of renewable energy.

9/25/2018Mario Honrubia

4 Amazing Crowdsourcing Competitions that Transformed the Industry

Crowdsourcing Competitions have proven to be a successful innovation model, but this is not recent news. Innovators have been using this method for years.

9/20/2018Mario Honrubia

Agricultural Solar Sprayer

Agricultural sprayer (solar energy based) was developed with free fuel cost when compared to conventional spray engines. Take a look at this project.

9/6/2018Mario Honrubia

Road Construction Innovation: Is it Difficult to Innovate in this Sector?

We reached out to José Manuel to learn more about him and his professional experience and knowledge about innovations in road construction.

9/4/2018Mario Honrubia

6 Engineering Opportunities for Technical Professionals

If you are looking for some engineering opportunities you might want to see what the professional engineering world looks like. Find out here!


Circular Economy Challenge to Repurpose Mine Tailings (14 K € in Prizes)

The client wants to reduce its environmental impact in mining sites by repurposing the materials found in tailings and contribute to the circular economy.

8/31/2018Mario Honrubia

Construction of Vermicompost Site

The use of vermicompost production because a large amount of organic waste is recovered by this method and from the economic and environmental point of view

8/28/2018Mario Honrubia

Innovation Challenge for Tunnel Construction and Reinforcement (14K USD in Prizes)

The tunnel construction activity requires several actions. Can you think of a solution to effectively unfold and secure the mesh inside the tunnel?

8/22/2018Mario Honrubia