Innovation Challenge for Tunnel Construction and Reinforcement (14K USD in Prizes)

The tunnel construction activity requires several actions. Can you think of a solution to effectively unfold and secure the mesh inside the tunnel?

8/22/2018Mario Honrubia

New Applications for a Graphene-Copper Alloy (15K USD in Prizes)

A new Graphene-Copper alloy has proven to have better properties than pure copper and now a company is looking for applications for it.

8/7/2018Mario Honrubia

Safety Monitoring In Train Application Robot

This system involves the design of crack finding robot for finding cracks in railway tracks. Take a look at this project and see how it reduces safety risks

8/7/2018Mario Honrubia

6 Mechanical Engineering Innovations that could Change the Industrial Game

Mechanical Engineering Innovations: Discover new technological advancements that are changing the world.


Hydro Power Plant Operations: Innovation Challenge (19K USD in Prizes)

Accumulation of sediments is a problem in hydroelectric plants. Can you minimize the accumulation and/or remove the sediment in a hydro power plant?

7/28/2018Mario Honrubia

Innovation Challenge for an Industrial Dust Detector (12K€ in Prizes)

Do you have any solution to detect dust in an industrial environment? Read the description of the challenge and submit your industrial dust detector!

7/18/2018Mario Honrubia

Top 10 Engineering Websites for Present and Future Professionals

Nowadays, there is a great number of engineering websites to keep you updated and help you in efficiently performing your work. Here are the top 10 sites.

7/10/2018Mario Honrubia

Event-based Analytics Platform for Businesses - Tactizity

Our project Tactizity is an event-driven city business analytics platform. It does business analytics, not for a single retailer, but for a whole city.

7/5/2018Mario Honrubia

A Mining Challenge was solved through Open Innovation at Codelco Tech

This mining challenge success story proves that mining companies like Codelco can do different things and that we all must push them.

7/4/2018Mario Honrubia