Top 10 Engineering Websites for Present and Future Professionals

Nowadays, there is a great number of engineering websites to keep you updated and help you in efficiently performing your work. Here are the top 10 sites.

7/10/2018Mario Honrubia

Event-based Analytics Platform for Businesses - Tactizity

Our project Tactizity is an event-driven city business analytics platform. It does business analytics, not for a single retailer, but for a whole city.

7/5/2018Mario Honrubia

A Mining Challenge was solved through Open Innovation at Codelco Tech

This mining challenge success story proves that mining companies like Codelco can do different things and that we all must push them.

7/4/2018Mario Honrubia

A New Innovative Technology for Road Asphalting in the rain

Sacyr approached ennomotive to solve a complex challenge: an innovative technology for road asphalting in the rain. Henrique Borges solved this problem.

7/3/2018Mario Honrubia

Pneumatic Damping Prosthetic Leg for above-knee Amputees

This invention is a cost-effective feedback based prosthetic leg for above-knee amputees. Do you want to help this project attract investors? Check it out!

6/22/2018Mario Honrubia

App for Selecting Equipment & Plants in Civil Engineering Projects - CivilApp

CivilApp is an Android App developed for both commercial and constructional purposes. The sales, hire and procurement of construction equipment and plants.

6/19/2018Mario Honrubia

Most Innovative Project 2018

ennomotive wants to encourage community members' participation with Most Innovative Project 2018, where they can post innovative and interesting projects.

6/19/2018Mario Honrubia

Innovation Engineering: 12 groundbreaking projects

Innovation Engineering: A brief compilation of the 10 most important examples of innovation projects for the past few years in different industrial sectors.


Nanocoating for improved fluid filtration - InNano

InNano's nanocoating is a single solution for corrosion, fouling, and friction in fluid filtration and flow systems. Take a look at this project here:

6/8/2018Mario Honrubia