Innovation Challenge for an Industrial Dust Detector (12K€ in Prizes)

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Measurement of dust concentration is key to improve the industrial workplace. However, the existing dust detector options do not work properly in industrial environments. Can you design a solution to solve this challenge? Read the description of the challenge and submit your industrial dust detector! Participate in this ennomotive challenge.

The Innovation Challenge to find an Industrial Dust Detector

A company, leader in raw materials extraction, storage, and production of derivatives, is seeking to improve the working environment and conditions, both in mining sites, the open and closed storage areas, and the factories. This company is constantly trying ways to reduce the amount of dust in both open and closed areas in industrial environments. However it is necessary to acquire the right devices in order to carry out a thorough study of the environmental impact. The existing technology only works with clean air and the characteristics of this kind of measuring equipment hinder its implementation in industrial environments because it needs daily maintenance, it may not resist the environmental conditions, and its set-up is not very flexible.

What the company is looking for

The client is looking for IoT-based solutions to detect dust concentration, to be used in both mining sites and factories. The solution must be designed to detect the level of suspended dust within a broad perimeter from the location of the measuring device. Because of the environment, the devices will require little maintenance, every month or every 3 months, and flexible set-up. Once this challenge is successfully completed and the winning solution is awarded, a new prototype and tests phase will be executed.

Evaluation Criteria

The solutions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
  • Technical solution: considered parameters, feasibility and efficiency evidence, compliance with all the requirements, testing plan for the solutions, adaptability to different weather and environment conditions.
  • Lower maintenance
  • Plug & play installation
  • Solve the life cycle issue: longer operating life.
  • A lower estimated cost to build the solution.


This is a 3-round tournament with the following deadlines: 1st round – 6 weeks+ 2 week for evaluation 2nd round – 4 weeks + 2 week for evaluation 3rd round – 2 weeks + 1 week for evaluation


12,000 euros The winner will be awarded a 10,000 € cash prize and the 2nd and 3rd best solutions will receive 1,000 € each. Join the challenge here