Event-based Analytics Platform for Businesses - Tactizity

Mario Honrubia

Our project https://www.tactizity.com/ is an event-driven city business analytics platform.

 In 2014, the football team from Eibar (a small city with only 27.000 inhabitants) came into the first division of La Liga in Spain. Then, the following question arose: How can the urban businesses (retail, services, bars, hotels…) make the most of football events?  Tactizity helps retailers and the city town hall obtain insights make the most of people who go to football events. TACTIZITY is a unique tool, as it does business analytics, not for a single retailer, but for a whole city. Moreover, It relies on open data sources, IOT sensors and surveys to boost city economy.

If we take a closer look at the data sources, we use:

  • Open data made available by public administrations, such as http://www.gipuzkoairekia.eus/es/datu-irekien-katalogoa
  • IoT sensors, such as people flow tracking by detecting Wifi and Bluetooth signals from Smartphones. They help to understand the people flow around the city and can communicate data remotely over LoRa to a base station.
  • Surveys for business owners.

 Finally, we crunched all these data and did data analytics using MongoDB Big Data tool. We were also able to predict the number of attendants to a future football match in Eibar, taking weather data, Team2 historic data and the day of the match into account with a mean quadratic error of 450,1 people. We used Weka machine learning software for that.

 Recently, Huesca´s football team (a city with 52.000 inhabitants) rose to the first division of La Liga and came to Eibar to learn about our experience and the tool TACTIZITY!