An Open Challenge provides An Amazonian Community with a Water Distribution System

Fundacion ICAI and ennomotive worked on an open challenge together to deliver a new water distribution system to the Wampis community in Peru.

5/24/2018Mario Honrubia

3D Printing And Its Application In The Construction Industry

3D printing isn’t new to us no doubt, but the same can't be said about the construction industry. Over the years, the construction industry remains the same


Mechion SRB: Healthcare Robotics for Task Automation

Mechion works on Healthcare Robotics for task automation. The SRB robot is designed for patient monitoring, collecting behavior data, among others.

5/17/2018Mario Honrubia

Meet the winners: Michael Ankobia

Meet one of the latest ennomotive winners, the talented Michael Ankobia. The British-Ghanaian engineer has participated in two challenges and won one.

5/8/2018Mario Honrubia

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the Manufacturing Industry

Artificial intelligence and robotics will prove beneficial in bringing advancement in manufacturing and fulfilling increasing consumer demands.

4/26/2018Mario Honrubia

Meet the winners: John Hanna

One of the winners of the Heavy Lifting Automation Challenge, John Hanna, answered the questions of our interview and told us about his solution.

4/16/2018Mario Honrubia

7 Types of Robot Grippers and their Industrial Applications

Robot grippers (aka end-effectors): here is a compilation of different types of robot grippers and their use in the industry.


Find a New Mold Release Agent for Silicone (7K € in Prizes)

Silam is looking for a mold release agent that, mixed with silicone, helps de-molding in the vulcanization process and maintains the mechanical properties.

4/4/2018Mario Honrubia

Insulation System for Process Piping involving H2S (10K € in Prizes)

This company is looking for a system which can provide containment as well as heat insulation and/or tracing in process piping.

4/2/2018Mario Honrubia