Meet the winners: John Hanna

One of the winners of the Heavy Lifting Automation Challenge, John Hanna, answered the questions of our interview and told us about his solution.

4/16/2018Mario Honrubia

7 Types of Robot Grippers and their Industrial Applications

Robot grippers (aka end-effectors): here is a compilation of different types of robot grippers and their use in the industry.


Find a New Mold Release Agent for Silicone (7K € in Prizes)

Silam is looking for a mold release agent that, mixed with silicone, helps de-molding in the vulcanization process and maintains the mechanical properties.

4/4/2018Mario Honrubia

Insulation System for Process Piping involving H2S (10K € in Prizes)

This company is looking for a system which can provide containment as well as heat insulation and/or tracing in process piping.

4/2/2018Mario Honrubia

New Cost-Effective Furfural Production Process (10K € in Prizes)

This company is looking for new solutions to obtain the furfural molecule in a cost-effective way. Read the description and submit your solution!

4/2/2018Mario Honrubia

7 Blockchain Applications in Logistics

Here are the early adopters that recognize the benefits of the blockchain applications in logistics and have started experimenting and implementing it.

3/19/2018Mario Honrubia

Meet the winner Maksym Gaievskyi: "Working Remotely is not a Problem"

One of the winners of the Heavy Lifting Automation Challenge, Maksym Gaievskyi told us how he solved the challenge working with a team of engineers.

3/13/2018Mario Honrubia

Solar design for a house in Weymouth UK

For a solar design for a house in the south-east of England, flex panels and a high input voltage inverter was considered.

3/8/2018Mario Honrubia

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality's impact in the Industry

Interview about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Experts Alberto Ruiz and Elena Blanes answered questions about the present and future of AR and VR.

3/6/2018Mario Honrubia