Mechion SRB: Healthcare Robotics for Task Automation

Mechion works on Healthcare Robotics for task automation. The SRB robot is designed for patient monitoring, collecting behavior data, among others.

5/17/2018Mario Honrubia

Meet the winners: Michael Ankobia

Meet one of the latest ennomotive winners, the talented Michael Ankobia. The British-Ghanaian engineer has participated in two challenges and won one.

5/8/2018Mario Honrubia

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the Manufacturing Industry

Artificial intelligence and robotics will prove beneficial in bringing advancement in manufacturing and fulfilling increasing consumer demands.

4/26/2018Mario Honrubia

Meet the winners: John Hanna

One of the winners of the Heavy Lifting Automation Challenge, John Hanna, answered the questions of our interview and told us about his solution.

4/16/2018Mario Honrubia

7 Types of Robot Grippers and their Industrial Applications

Robot grippers (aka end-effectors): here is a compilation of different types of robot grippers and their use in the industry.


Find a New Mold Release Agent for Silicone (7K € in Prizes)

Silam is looking for a mold release agent that, mixed with silicone, helps de-molding in the vulcanization process and maintains the mechanical properties.

4/4/2018Mario Honrubia

Insulation System for Process Piping involving H2S (10K € in Prizes)

This company is looking for a system which can provide containment as well as heat insulation and/or tracing in process piping.

4/2/2018Mario Honrubia

New Cost-Effective Furfural Production Process (10K € in Prizes)

This company is looking for new solutions to obtain the furfural molecule in a cost-effective way. Read the description and submit your solution!

4/2/2018Mario Honrubia

7 Blockchain Applications in Logistics

Here are the early adopters that recognize the benefits of the blockchain applications in logistics and have started experimenting and implementing it.

3/19/2018Mario Honrubia