Most Innovative Project 2018

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At ennomotive, we are always looking for ways of encouraging participation and technological knowledge exchange between the members of the community. We have designed the Most Innovative Project contest to get to know your most interesting and innovative projects and stories.

Send us an outstanding project you have worked in, an interesting, unknown or rare challenge that requires wit and innovative technology to solve it. It is necessary to include specific evidence that serves as proof and any relevant photos or videos. With this article, ennomotive community members should learn and expand their technology and innovation knowledge.

Article structure

  1. Background of the project (only disclosable information): company, company’s activity, industry, country, etc.
  2. The problem to be solved
  3. How was it solved: technology and implementation.
  4. Were there more than one technology that solved the problem? Why is yours the best?

How the contest works

  • Send your article to with the subject Most Innovative Project 2018.
  • ennomotive will post on the blog the best 10 articles and you must share and Like them to win the prize.
  • The 3 articles with more Likes will win this contest.
  • Although the goal of the contest is to share your experience with the community on the blog and through social media, ennomotive will give 400 USD to share among the winners.
  • A compilation of the top 10 articles will be published as an ebook to be shared on Social Media.


Submission stage
Send your articles: 4 weeks
Vote with Likes
People like the 10 articles shared on social media: 2 weeks


  • 1st prize 250 USD
  • 2nd prize 100 USD
  • 3rd prize 50 USD


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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