Meet the winner Maksym Gaievskyi: "Working Remotely is not a Problem"

One of the winners of the Heavy Lifting Automation Challenge, Maksym Gaievskyi told us how he solved the challenge working with a team of engineers.

3/13/2018Mario Honrubia

Solar design for a house in Weymouth UK

For a solar design for a house in the south-east of England, flex panels and a high input voltage inverter was considered.

3/8/2018Mario Honrubia

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality's impact in the Industry

Interview about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Experts Alberto Ruiz and Elena Blanes answered questions about the present and future of AR and VR.

3/6/2018Mario Honrubia

Road Pavement Process Under the Rain: New Challenge (8K € in Prizes)

The company Sacyr is looking for a new road pavement process under heavy rain conditions to improve the quality of the asphalt in tropical countries.

2/22/2018Mario Honrubia

Equitable Water Distribution System for Isolated Places

The goal of this challenge is to find an equitable water distribution system that limits the available water for each family.

2/20/2018Mario Honrubia

Aurora Project: A Renewable Energy Generation System

The Aurora Project is an environmentally-friendly renewable energy generation system with 4 electricity generators: photovoltaic, wind, battery & fuel cell.

2/14/2018Mario Honrubia

Gerdo Dalhuizen, a Fresh Vision of the Future of the Energy Industry

Meet the winner of our latest challenge, Gerdo Dalhuizen. This Project engineer has a very fresh vision of the future of the energy industry

2/6/2018Mario Honrubia

Wearable Technologies Changing the Construction Industry

Construction has been considered basic in the realm of technology for long. Let’s take a look at wearable technologies changing the construction industry

1/30/2018Mario Honrubia

Universal Machine Learning Engine - AlchemyML

AlchemyML is a universal Machine Learning engine with modular genetic and adaptable to different realities that provide our customers predictive analytics.

1/23/2018Mario Honrubia