Wearable Technologies Changing the Construction Industry

Construction has been considered basic in the realm of technology for long. Let’s take a look at wearable technologies changing the construction industry

1/30/2018Mario Honrubia

Universal Machine Learning Engine - AlchemyML

AlchemyML is a universal Machine Learning engine with modular genetic and adaptable to different realities that provide our customers predictive analytics.

1/23/2018Mario Honrubia

A Dutch Engineer has found an Eco Friendly Alternative to Plastic Packaging

Pollution caused by plastic waste is a real problem. An engineer has found an eco friendly alternative to plastic packaging for water bottles.

1/18/2018Mario Honrubia

First Pierce Smith Converter in Chuquicamata is Inaugurated

The first Pierce Smith Converter in Chuquicamata captures the 97% of the emitted gasses and moves away from the employers from the fire line.

1/9/2018Mario Honrubia

3 Predictions for the Engineering World in 2018

Technologies of the Industry 4.0 have paved the road to a more productive and sustainable engineering world, but they need to be implemented wisely.

1/3/2018Mario Honrubia

The Initiative to Industrialize Lithium in Chile

CORFO has started an initiative to industrialize lithium in Chile and opened a call to transform the country in a relevant actor at a global level

12/27/2017Mario Honrubia

The Satellite SUCHAI, 1st one born in Universidad de Chile

The creators of the satellite SUCHAI worked on this project for years, but it wasn't until June of 2017 when it was ready for the stratosphere!

12/20/2017Mario Honrubia

Mining Waste Management: Reprocessing Tailings

Thanks to the progress in technology, companies are starting to care more about mining waste management by reprocessing tailings to increase their value.

12/18/2017Mario Honrubia

Students build Solar Car that will travel across Chile

30 people have worked on the solar car and if they reach their goal, it will become the first solar car in Chile that is able to travel such a long distance

12/13/2017Mario Honrubia