A new mechanism for bikes - Triskelion Project

Mario Honrubia

This Project aims to create a Company with an integrated combination of Production and Laboratory Unit, which will be constructing, but also continuously developing, a Mechanism available for sale internationally. This Mechanism is an innovative and under patent process WO/2018/020279) one, which can be fitted to almost any type of bicycle (or hand-cycle), helping significantly the effort of the cyclist. After its installation on the bicycle, the conventionally power period of each pedal is decreased to much less than 180 degrees of the corresponding period of a classic bicycle, resulting in avoiding the dead points of the pedal travel, while at the same time -and this is the most important- a large overlapping of the actual power periods is achieved. Thanks to these improvements, the torque that finally moves the bicycle is rendered much more smoothly, the cyclist has to make less effort for the same result, while each involved member of his body is less strained than in the corresponding operation of the classic bicycle. If this "shrunken" period is equal to 120 degrees, the cyclist feels as if he had three legs, hence the name: "TRISKELION". The Company will provide: -Manufacturing / Sale of Mechanisms for popular bicycle models -Design / Manufacturing / Sale of Mechanisms for other models after an order or for customization case for chronic health problems or injury treatment -Research / Development and Design / Manufacturing services for solving specialized engineering problems, following outsourcing.