Most Innovative Project 2018: Universal Automatic Tick Gripper

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This universal automatic tick gripper is one of the projects ennomotive has received to compete in the 'Most Innovative Project 2018' contest. Today, there are many types of lifting mechanisms. The world market is able to offer lifting mechanisms of various types, configurations, structures that are able to work in any climatic and weather conditions, in the mountains and in the depths of the oceans. However, there are very important moments can play the role when choosing a lifting mechanism for a particular task - the complexity of the operation, various complex devices in the composition and finally the level of the price. Our team of engineers specializes in the development of various equipment for metallurgy, mining machinery, lifting machinery and equipment for power plants. Over the years, we have come to the conclusion that the client companies, in most cases, seek to get a quality product at a reasonable price and at the same time put a number of special requirements for products. Quite often, these requirements relate to maintainability, which does not require highly skilled workers and the use of expensive materials, tools and complex devices. In this article, we want to show one of our recent developments. This is a universal automatic tick gripper. Why is this capture universal? One of the main advantages of this mechanism is the ability to capture and lift loads of various geometric shapes without the participation of the slinger, to overload the various rigid loads or loads in rigid packaging (for example, forgings, blanks, building blocks, radioactive graphite blocks, concrete blocks, as well as other goods and products). This tick grip is superior to the other tick grippers on the reliability of retention of the goods for a smooth side surface by the parallel movement of gripping parts. The reliable design of the lifting tongs was being improved over the years and is supported by the copyright certificates of the USSR NoNo 573434, 1020351, 1418263 and 1789494. This universal automatic tick gripper has several authors' know-how. For example, the gripper design allows you to safely hold and move loads without using of hydraulic and pneumatic devices, also has no electric drive to give movement to the tongs, has removable tongs, and can take the form of a modular structure that allows adding or removing additional gripping sections. It's a fully mechanized structure. Also, the advantages include the ease of manufacture and availability of cheap materials, as well as a high degree of maintainability. In the manufacture of parts do not require high-precision CNC machines, expensive tools, and complex devices. This grip is capable of operating in the temperature range from -50°C to + 60°C. All this is displayed on the final low cost of such gripper, which, of course, pleases customers. The reliability of the gripper was confirmed in the forge workshop and in the processing of radioactive graphite blocks during the repair of the DP-9 (blast furnace) on “Arcelormittal” (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine). At different times use different versions of tick gripper, for example, multiple sections for multiple units SB-2 (in the case for eight on the BRP-2 “Krivbass stroy industry” Krivoy Rog, Ukraine), which are extracted from the mold and shipped the units in one lifting. Written by: Boris Osokin (Design Engineer) Maksym Gaievskyi (Design Engineer) Did you like this project? Hit the Like button on this page and help Maksym become the winner of our contest 'Most Innovative Project 2018'.