VR Gloves that Capture the Movement of the Hands - SenCorp

Sencopor designs sensors with which to capture the movement of the joints of the hands for, for example, the manufacturing of VR gloves.

8/31/2017Mario Honrubia

How is Predictive Maintenance Impacting the Energy Sector?

Predictive maintenance techniques are designed to help determine the condition of in-service equipment to predict when maintenance should be performed.

8/31/2017Mario Honrubia

Remote Misting System - MistLogic

Through our remote misting system, we have developed innovative technology to optimize remote control processes and generate business intelligence.

8/30/2017Mario Honrubia

1st Modular Drone for Industrial Purposes - Droneable

Droneable is the 1st modular drone in the market. It develops drones for industrial purposes, such agriculture, security, cargo carrying, and reforestation

8/30/2017Mario Honrubia

3 Innovative Energy-Saving Methods for Electrical Distribution

Electrical distribution involves transporting high voltages over long distances with conventional AC current which brings about more high losses.

8/24/2017Mario Honrubia

Predictive Analytics-based Alert System - OneEvent

OneEvent Technologies' OnePrevent platform is an alert system that is changing the decades-old paradigm from reaction to prevention.

8/23/2017Mario Honrubia

Irrigation Controller with IoT - MAGROS

Magros is an irrigation controller which uses Information Technology and IoT. It helps farmers and agronomists planning irrigation processes in real time.

8/23/2017Mario Honrubia

Automatic Chlorine Dispenser - Valac

This device is an automatic chlorine dispenser used to obtain drinking water, that provides calcium hypochlorite to a water pond continuously.

8/23/2017Mario Honrubia

How to make DIY Water Pumps - SETA Project

SETA Project: University students will teach and provide the necessary space for the youth of that community to manufacture their own DIY water pumps.

8/21/2017Mario Honrubia