The Lightest Manual Stand Up Wheelchair - Get Up

Mario Honrubia

Get Up© is a manual stand up wheelchair, which gives to users the possibility to stand up again, completely changing the way they face the world and, best of all, it has a cost very close to the traditional wheelchairs, democratizing the access to this type of technologies. Today, Get Up© impacting 3 areas of life: - At the psychosocial level, because it gives the user a new way of facing the world, promoting their participation and social integration. - In their activities of daily living, because it gives them new possibilities of reach, therefore a greater independence. - And at the level of health, since it is a powerful tool for rehabilitation and prevention of a number of physical problems associated with being seated, such as pressure ulcers (eschar), joint rigidities, osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, among many others. After all, we are not designed to live sitting. The impact of Get Up© on its users has earned us the National Award for Innovation in Health in 2015 and in July 2017 has been awarded by the Federation of Innovation and Technology Companies of Chile as the Social Entrepreneurship of the year. This product is currently being exported to many Latin American countries, with distributors in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina and soon in Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, and Brazil. One of the main users of the wheelchair Get Up© has been the older adults, because of their situation they require special support, seeing in Get Up © a great tool to delay the problems associated with aging, allowing them to maintain and recover many of their capabilities. The profile of the older adult who uses Get Up © is a person with a high dependence, that product of some neurodegenerative disease like Parkinson's, cerebrovascular accident, ALS or simply by his advanced age, can not stand independently and stable, this is why your family has seen a great solution in this tool. Also Get Up© is being used by different municipalities as an outpatient treatment tool for postgraduates. Kinesiologists go to patient homes in this situation and Get Up© helps them perform stand-up therapies in a very safe way. Finally, it is important to mention that Get Up© is an excellent assistant in the process of standing (standing) of older adults who stand independently, but who need help, facilitating the work to the caregiver, since Get Up© performs strength when lifting.