Crop Monitoring Drones which create Aerial Maps - HardDrones

Harddrones online service processes aerial multispectral maps and NDVI maps from imagery captured by drones for crop monitoring.

9/12/2017Mario Honrubia

Self Driving Cars can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

The current trend in the automotive industry is heading towards a more sophisticated artificial intelligence in vehicles: self driving cars.

9/11/2017Mario Honrubia

The Use of Delivery Drones across Logistics and Supply Chain

Delivery drones now form an integral component of big e-commerce companies like Google and Amazon and are used to improve delivery times.

9/1/2017Mario Honrubia

A Monitoring Technology For Industrial Purposes - MAXFiU

MAXFiU is a Start Up in development of a monitoring technology directed to the industrial field, focused on detecting problems in industrial machines;

8/31/2017Mario Honrubia

Forget about Keys with this Smart Home System - SINLLAVE

Sinllave it’s the app that lets you control your garage door, home, office, etc., wherever you are. A smart home system that makes your life more comfy.

8/31/2017Mario Honrubia

Energy Management Software - EnergyGrader

EnergyGrader is an energy management software that eliminates the need for any kind of hardware installation or on-site audits to start saving energy.

8/31/2017Mario Honrubia

Recycling Machine with Artificial Intellingence - ReBo

ReBo is a recycling machine that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce recycling costs. Do you want to know how it works? Take a look!

8/31/2017Mario Honrubia

The Lightest Manual Stand Up Wheelchair - Get Up

Get Up© is a manual stand up wheelchair, which gives to users the possibility to stand up again, completely changing the way they face the world.

8/31/2017Mario Honrubia

VR Gloves that Capture the Movement of the Hands - SenCorp

Sencopor designs sensors with which to capture the movement of the joints of the hands for, for example, the manufacturing of VR gloves.

8/31/2017Mario Honrubia