Automatic Chlorine Dispenser - Valac

This device is an automatic chlorine dispenser used to obtain drinking water, that provides calcium hypochlorite to a water pond continuously.

8/23/2017Mario Honrubia

How to make DIY Water Pumps - SETA Project

SETA Project: University students will teach and provide the necessary space for the youth of that community to manufacture their own DIY water pumps.

8/21/2017Mario Honrubia

Construction & Engineering Project Management Tool - IPSUM

IPSUM is devoted to improving productivity and processes in engineering and construction works through the use of this project management tool.

8/18/2017Mario Honrubia

Lower the Solar Power Plant Cost with pvDesign

A high solar power plant cost can be a problem, but our web application makes it possible to lower the costs of implementing photovoltaic (PV) plants

8/17/2017Mario Honrubia

Industrial IoT is booming thanks to a drop in Sensor Prices

The Industrial IoT is all about connecting smart sensors to the internet and using the information to make better business decisions.

8/17/2017Mario Honrubia

Recovering Water from Air - FreshWater Solutions

FreshWater is a solution that generates water from air through the acceleration of the natural water cycle. It works with batteries or solar energy.

8/9/2017Mario Honrubia

Anti Theft System for Batteries at Telecom Sites

Our anti theft system effectively avoids the theft with an implementation cost less than €500 per site, allowing for massive deployment with short ROI.

8/8/2017Mario Honrubia

Automated Sorting System of Hass Avocado - HandySort

HandySort is an automated sorting system for Hass avocados based on its quality indexes (friction, burns and black spots) with the aim of improving exports.

8/8/2017Mario Honrubia

Anti Theft Device to Protect Valuable Goods

Equipment stored in remote sites is often stolen and needs to be protected effectively. Now an anti theft device is available.

8/8/2017Mario Honrubia