3 Catalysts used in Biomass Fuels: Agricultures meets Industry

Biomass is a great source of clean energy. Here is a list of catalysts currently used in biomass fuels or catalysts under development.

8/4/2017Mario Honrubia

Environmetally Friendly Engine - Alternative Power Unit

My environmentally friendly engine doesn't use any consumable product to create a mechanical power which can be transformed by connected applications.

8/3/2017Mario Honrubia

Thermal Insulation Technologies for Energy Efficient Buildings

Most buildings where we live and work were built many years ago when thermal insulation technologies were not taken into consideration.

8/1/2017Mario Honrubia

A New Generation of Snowboard Bindings - BindBoard

BinBoard aims to design and develop the new-generation snowboard bindings. It enables snowboarders to practice the sport in an easier, more comfortable way.

8/1/2017Mario Honrubia

Clean Energy Contracting - Global Invest

GI d.o.o. is planning to offer heat energy contracting, including modernisation of facilities by installing new biomass-fuelled heating systems.

8/1/2017Mario Honrubia

A Remote App to Control Devices - Trigger Systems

At Trigger Systems, we developed a remote app that can automatically control and connect different equipment with distinct applications.

8/1/2017Mario Honrubia

Uses of Fiber Reinforced Concrete: from the NYC Subway to Mining

Some benefits of the fiber reinforced concrete are an excellent tensile & flexural strength, a shock & fatigue resistance, ductility and high durability

7/27/2017Mario Honrubia

Minesweepers: Towards a Landmine-Free World

Minesweepers is an international competition that was first held in Egypt in 2012 and 6 years after it has been hosted in many countries.

7/26/2017Mario Honrubia

Laser Welding Robots Help Companies Increase Productivity

Compared to eclectic welding tech, laser welding is a better solution. It is because it improves the quality of welding and it also improves the security.

7/24/2017Mario Honrubia