Wire Runner: the Birth of a Project in One Day

Wire Runner is a device that, attached to the electricity grid cable, is able to run up and down the line monitoring if there is any damage.

10/25/2016Mario Honrubia

IoT Technology can (Sometimes) Predict the Future

IoT technology is being used for the prediction of different future events, providing us with information that can be very interesting.

10/20/2016Mario Honrubia

Inspirational Engineers: Hugh Herr

Hugh Herr created the revolutionary bionic legs which granted him the Princess of Asturias Award on Scientific and Technical Research in 2016.

10/19/2016Mario Honrubia

5 New Technologies for Solving Industry Challenges

Every single company is using new technologies to obtain better results, especially in highly competitive industries such as the manufacturing world.

10/13/2016Mario Honrubia

Lean Thinking helps Lean Manufacturing

By combining crowdsourcing with lean thinking techniques, companies can take the improvement to unimaginable levels with traditional in-house approaches.

10/11/2016Mario Honrubia

Adidas SpeedFactories

Adidas is opening the so called SpeedFactories in Germany and the USA, moving back operations from low cost countries with the use of new robots

10/6/2016Mario Honrubia

Inspiring Engineers: Caitlin Bunt

Ever since she was a kid, Caitlin enjoyed maths and engineering. Now she is a great professional in the engineering world. A true inspiring engineer.

10/5/2016Mario Honrubia

Ennomotive Hackathon Industry 4.0: The Aftermath

The Ennomotive Hackathon Industry 4.0 brought together more than 30 engineers from different countries. The event took place from Sept 30th to Oct 1st.

10/4/2016Mario Honrubia

Automation in Logistics: An Unstoppable and Useful Tech Trend

A few years ago, some visionaries said that automation in logistics would be complete. Time has proven that those predictions were too optimistic.

9/29/2016Mario Honrubia