5 New Technologies for Solving Industry Challenges

Every single company is using new technologies to obtain better results, especially in highly competitive industries such as the manufacturing world.

10/13/2016Mario Honrubia

Lean Thinking helps Lean Manufacturing

By combining crowdsourcing with lean thinking techniques, companies can take the improvement to unimaginable levels with traditional in-house approaches.

10/11/2016Mario Honrubia

Adidas SpeedFactories

Adidas is opening the so called SpeedFactories in Germany and the USA, moving back operations from low cost countries with the use of new robots

10/6/2016Mario Honrubia

Inspiring Engineers: Caitlin Bunt

Ever since she was a kid, Caitlin enjoyed maths and engineering. Now she is a great professional in the engineering world. A true inspiring engineer.

10/5/2016Mario Honrubia

Ennomotive Hackathon Industry 4.0: The Aftermath

The Ennomotive Hackathon Industry 4.0 brought together more than 30 engineers from different countries. The event took place from Sept 30th to Oct 1st.

10/4/2016Mario Honrubia

Automation in Logistics: An Unstoppable and Useful Tech Trend

A few years ago, some visionaries said that automation in logistics would be complete. Time has proven that those predictions were too optimistic.

9/29/2016Mario Honrubia

Shape your Future during the Afterwork

It is commonly known that people these days will not work for a single company forever. It is never to late to increase your self-growth as a professional.

9/27/2016Mario Honrubia

Top Engineering Student: Ramón Rodrigáñez

Today we wanted to tell the story of Ramón Rodrigáñez, a second year master's degree engineering student that is currently studying at Columbia University.

9/21/2016Mario Honrubia

Clean Energy with Water Use Reduction in South Africa

This is a solar thermal technology plant, the first built in South Africa, which has started to commercialize. It is called Khi Solar One.

9/20/2016Mario Honrubia