Inspirational Engineer: Francisco Javier Muñoz

Francisco javier muñoz

For the biographical story of today, Francisco Javier Muñoz, the winner of the Removable Floor for a Temporary Factory, embodies the real possibility of merging Industry an TIC.

Francisco Javier found out about Ennomotive, the challenges and tournaments from the early stages of  the company. At that moment he was studying industrial normative and regulations, so he thought one challenge was a way of doing some exercising of his engineering skills.  Since then he has taken part in 10 challenges/tournaments.

He grew fond of engineering thanks to his uncle and mentor, Luis García, and his mother.  Francisco Javier did have the complete support of his parents but, without the ‘foundation’ provided by his grandmother and uncle, it would not have been possible for him to made the decision of immersing into the engineering world.

After two decades of experience, he has worked in several industrial sectors and then passed to TIC consulting for tertiary sectors (banking, insurance…).  Nevertheless the area, the setup of the work, has always been very influenced by engineering: problem analysis, researching possible solutions, comparison and decision making.

One of the most interesting projects in which he has participated is an early stage of what is called now Internet-Of-Things (IoT).  With scope of intranet, a variety of industrial machines worked as a team by means of status variables exchanged between themselves.

In the near future, his first statement was about a transition to go back to his mechanical engineering roots, into the fields of the future: Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Circular Economy…  This is, maintaining and improving  standards of living in a sustainable way.

He told us – and I quote – “here is where my competence upgrade comes along.  Theory in normative and regulations, and good practice through Ennomotive’s tournaments.  On top of that, now I get cash!”

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