IoT in Construction: Applications and Fields of Interest

These 3 fields appear to be the most important for IoT in construction: productivity, maintenance, and security. How is the internet of things being used?

10/19/2017Mario Honrubia

New Thermic Energy Project of One Gigawatt In Chile

A new thermic energy project of one gigawatt in Chile is waiting for its approval to be built at the outside of the city of Calama, in Chile.

10/18/2017Mario Honrubia

Zero Carbon Emission Electricity Generator

By using this spring winding mechanism, it is possible to generate electricity with zero carbon emission. Take a look at this amazing project!

10/18/2017Mario Honrubia

Bioexplora Innovates on Mining Exploration

The explensive, invasive and environmental unfriendly methods of the mining exploration are arriving to its end, thanks to a new sustainable methodology.

10/17/2017Mario Honrubia

How to Avoid Bottlenecks during the Palletizing Process

One bottleneck that companies must face is the logistic chain and the first step is the palletizing of the product at the end of the production line.

10/11/2017Mario Honrubia

Meet the Winners: Jesus Salido

Every engineer has special skills that make him/her stand out from the rest. Here you have the opportunity to meet the multi-talented engineer Jesus Salido.

10/9/2017Mario Honrubia

Antimissile Robot Will Save Castaways Lives

Spain is innovating and improving the maritim rescue system and it's doing it through antimissil robots which will allow them to save so many more lives.

10/6/2017Mario Honrubia

A Wearable Light Show for Stage Events - Flint Lighting

This project, Flint Lighting, aims to create a new level of engagement between the artist and the crowd with this wearable light show.

10/6/2017Mario Honrubia

Meet the Winners: The Smiljanic Brothers, Petar and Milutin

Members of the community bring innovation to companies better than anybody. For that reason, we want you to get to know the best: the Smiljanic brothers.

10/2/2017Mario Honrubia