Research Proposal Project On a Hybrid Renewable Energy System

Mario Honrubia

Unfortunately, the global conventional fuel reserves are running out while the world energy consumption is increasing very fast. All scientists agreed that the solar energy source is one of the largest renewable sources of energy in the world. Current powers are too demanding and require fossil fuel to operate. To avoid as much pollution and the fossil fuel usage as possible, we must build bigger and better renewable energy power plants. This is a growing industry as people are looking for a more natural way to produce clean power. The proposal of this research is to combine the hybrid renewable energy system of solar, wind and thermal power plants to achieve maximum overall efficiency of a combined hybrid system. The solar tower consists of a central tube containing a wind turbine that is surrounded by a large surface area in the form of sheet suspend to a short distance above the ground. The heating pipes are attached circularly on the sheet, those pipes have small fins used to transfer heat from hot fluid to the air. The heated air rises toward the point of least resistance of the tower duct. The parabolic trough can achieve 560 C* of working fluid that can also store thermal energy for night time constant supply of energy to operate the plant, working fluid first heat water to make steam of temperature 510C* that is used to operate ranking regenerative cycle power plant. working fluid from steam forming boiler and heat exchanger is exit out of temperature 300C* is goes to again heat low pressure water in heat exchanger up to 200C* ,that hot water use to heat air in conic shape of air duct that produce artificial flow of air in duct, which is used to rotate wind turbine blade that is install inside the bottom of air duct, air is primary heat by low-pressure steam that is exhaust from Low-pressure steam turbine is condense and transfer its heat to air become warm, hot air that is exit out from top of the duct is again used to reheat the condensate water of regenerative Rankine cycle up to maximum thermal energy extraction from hot air, the cold working fluid of temperature 50C* from hot pressurize water heat exchanger goes into parabolic trough to again reheat up to 560C* temperature. The thermal efficiency of parabolic trough is 78 % for heating fluid upto 560C*, efficiency of wind turbine is 58% at constant artificial flow of air in conical duct and the thermal efficiency of regenerative rankine cycle power plant is 38 % and energy recovery from condenser is 43% then over efficiency of regenerative rankine cycle is 81%. Overall efficiency of the combine hybrid system is 71.8% that is marvelous efficiency as compare to world’s different types of power plants.