Meet the winners: The IPS Spain Team

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At ennomotive you can participate in real-life company challenges for a cash prize, but you don't have to do it all on your own! This week, you can read about the experience of a team of 3 engineers and 2 architects from the IPS Spain team that participated in the Mercamadrid challenge. Enjoy the interview!

Can you introduce yourself briefly? What is your more relevant working experience?

I am Carlos Juan Fernández de Capel, an Industrial Engineer, born and living in Madrid, with 29 years of plural experience, mainly in two technical fields: building facilities and energy saving, on one hand, and on the other hand major international oil & gas projects. However, I want to point out that I’m just one of the colleagues who, within IPS SPAIN, collaborate in carrying this job out. Up to five people were involved in it. Begoña Soto and Juan Juarez as Architects (belonging to our Architecture department, which acts under commercial brand ARQUID), Álvaro Pérez and Marta Rodríguez as junior engineers and myself as the senior engineer.

What challenges have you participated in? How well did you do in them?

Actually, this is the first challenge we participate although we considered some other but unfortunately, our availability was not enough for making a proper work on them.

What kind of challenge do you like most? Why?

Due to the expertise of IPS SPAIN in the industrial environment, challenges relating to solving problems in factories, logistics, production are at the edge of our interest. Also, we would like to participate challenges focused on this field.

What is your motivation for participating?

IPS SPAIN is a young and open-minded organization willing to make things in a new manner. Usually, enterprises live within a conservative frame of thinking, never taking risks. Their managers are safer repeating those things which are successfully working in other sites. This kind of challenges is an opportunity for developing new ideas, solutions which “trespass the limits” of that commonly accepted. A kind of projects which could be somehow construed as “research & development” but with real benefits. In reverse, this participation has driven us to think of Ennomotive as a possible partner for issuing our own challenges to the community in the future.

Did you have any experience in this kind of challenges? Have you solved a similar challenge in the past?

Not as an organization. Not in this kind of public, international challenges. Nevertheless, we often consider as true challenges our client’s orders, especially when they are expecting our knowledge or expertise learned in various industrial fields, different of that of the client, to be implemented in our solutions. This can be the case with Master Plans, Audits, etc. Personally, I did something similar in one of the firms I worked many years ago, in order to give new energy saving related solutions to our clients.

How did you come up with this solution? What was your inspiration?

From the beginning, the team aimed to develop a solution including both passive elements (from an Architectural point of view) and active systems (nearly zero emissions air conditioning systems). The first approach was based on geothermic heat pump systems, but further studies warned off this idea. Then, keeping in mind the “green” solution, we decided to propose a large-scale application of an installation I designed and built some years ago for an institutional building near Madrid. Join our engineering community here