Winners of the 1st Wave of ANTOLIN iJUMP Challenges

Grupo Antolin, together with ennomotive, launched 3 challenges in May 2019 as part of the 1st wave of its open innovation program ANTOLIN iJUMP. With this program, Grupo Antolin aims to develop innovative solutions to lead the transformation of the automotive industry, following the trends of the electric and connected vehicle and the digitalization of the processes.  To accomplish this, three different technological challenges were posted:

  • The first challenge revolves around finding new functions based on intelligent systems to improve life on board the vehicle that can be operated without user intervention. Systems must combine monitoring actions by sensors and control actions by actuators.
  • The second challenge is related to air quality. The goal is to find systems that manage and ensure good air quality on board the vehicle. This can be done by measuring that measure the temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity, etc. to efficiently regenerate the air.
  • Finally, the third challenge focuses on cooling solutions for the electronics integrated in the vehicle. More specifically, the solutions must be easy to integrate and ensure good thermal conditions with neither electric consumption nor user interaction.

Grupo Antolin has received 73 solutions of which five have been awarded. The company gave two first prizes and three secondary awards:

  • The air quality challenge was won by the Serbian engineer, Petar Smiljanic.
  • The new smart functions challenge was awarded to Turkish consultant, Can Akgün.

Grupo Antolin also gave three secondary awards to proposals from professionals in Spain (Manuel Ortuño), the United States (David Barron) and the United Kingdom (Cillian Hickey). The company is already working on the launch of the 2nd wave of new technological challenges of its ANTOLIN i.JUMP program, which will take place on November 4th, 2019. Read more about this innovation program here.