The housing challenge for vulnerable communities

Decent housing is a challenge for many communities in vulnerable regions. However, there are many opportunities to provide viable solutions through frugal innovation, such as some of those in this article.


Water and climate change: The challenge

Water and climate change are closely related. Increasingly scarce water has a significant impact on the society and the environment.


Types of pollution and related challenges

Types of Pollution: Air Pollution, Soil Pollution, and Water Pollution and the challenges they present to disadvantaged communities.


Carbon capture, storage and reuse

Learn how carbon capture and storage is being performed, both from the air or other sources, and how it can be reused and monetized.


Solar collector for Drying Cocoa: Prototype testing

Solar collector for Drying Cocoa. The resulting prototype of a solution to a Social Solver challenge is being field tested in Colombia.


Pellet production: A greener biofuel

Pellet production can be carried out industrially or at home. This biofuel is less polluting than wood, and the pellet market is growing.


Smart Agro: Crop monitoring via satellite

Smart Agro: Two members from the Social Solver platform solved the Monitoring crops challenge in Peru with a solution that includes satellites

11/23/2022Mario Honrubia

Active and passive safety system innovations for cars

How considering Active safety and Passive safety system in a car can affect our decision of buying a new car? In this article, let's learn some basics of Automotive safety and the pros and cons of its various features. Newly added on 13th August ...


Future energy: 5 new disruptive energy technologies

Check out these 5 innovative energy generation technologies that will be a revolution for the future energy