Smart Agro: Crop monitoring via satellite

Smart Agro: Two members from the Social Solver platform solved the Monitoring crops challenge in Peru with a solution that includes satellites

11/23/2022Mario Honrubia

Future energy: 5 new disruptive energy technologies

Check out these 5 innovative energy generation technologies that will be a revolution for the future energy


Innovative application of solar energy for sustainable cocoa drying

Application of solar energy to achieve a sustainable and efficient innovation in the cocoa drying process.


Sustainable Agriculture: 4 examples of Frugal Innovation

Frugal innovations for sustainable agriculture. 4 innovative projects to make agriculture more sustainable and accessible in vulnerable communities.


Defect detection technologies for quality control in manufacturing

Two uses of visual inspection using artificial intelligence: defect detection in quality control of ceramic tiles and fruits


Automotive engineering: Keys to come up with innovative solutions 💡

Álvaro Medina, through three experiences related to automotive engineering, tells what are the keys to develop innovative solutions 💡


Environmental Issues: 2 Solutions from Social Solver 🌊

Environmental issues: meet the two engineers who have developed solutions to Social Solver's challenges 🌊


Use of Hydrogen as a Power Source: 5 Projects You Cannot Miss

Use of Hydrogen: Check out these 5 amazing projects with Innovative applications for hydrogen as a power source


Garbage collection in the ocean: 3 innovations to know

Garbage collection in the ocean is a key challenge for humanity: Oceans regulate the climate, generate oxygen and provide resources and food.