The Journey to Solar Energy: Elon Musk's Solar Roof

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As recently published in WIRED, at an event on October 28, the Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity boss Elon Musk explained that the roof – which is made entirely out of solar cells – also integrates products from his electric car company. When it goes on general sale it will come with an integrated home battery (Powerwall 2.0) as well as a Tesla charger. Each of the tiles is made from glass and is designed to be a "more attractive way" to introduce solar panels to more homes. The chairman of the energy-focused company initially announced his firm would be developing the new roofs during SolarCity’s earning call in August. Instead of installing a new roof and solar panels – or modules – separately, the whole roof will have solar power capabilities. There is also the case of Khi Solar One, a solar thermal technology plant, the first built in South Africa, which has started to commercialize its production this year. Located in Upington, South Africa, this solar thermal plant is made up of a 205 metres high tower surrounded by a field of 1482 acres. It has been designed to supply clean energy for 45000 households, preventing the emission of 183000 tonnes of CO2 per year. solar roof It seems that modern companies and national governments are making an effort into pursuing a more efficient solar power system. Renewable energies are the future (and perhaps the salvation) of this planet, which is the reason why innovations like the above mentioned solar roof are so important. Are you interested in energy efficiency challenges? Do you have ideas regarding solar energy implementation? Join us to help leading companies go to the next level