Gas Flow Metering Challenge (12.000 € in prizes!)

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Identify solutions to effectively measure gas flow according to market demand changes

We have a challenge! Gas market demand has dropped in the recent years and this is affecting the measurement accuracy of the conveyed gas flows. In fact, gas counters are working below the minimum range for which they are designed. So ... what are we looking for? Our client, the main carrier of natural gas in one European country is looking for new solutions that will help to adapt the current Regulating and Metering Station (RMS) to be able to measure the flows under the regulation conditions with a minimal impact on costs. Do you have a solution? If you have a good idea please help us solve this challenge ... just consider than any proposed solution:
  • Needs to comply with target specification according to the measurement ranges.
  • And with the national regulation: General requirements for metering and regulation stations:
    • The flow meter shall never operate below the minimum flow (Qmin), which is equivalent to the 5% of the maximum flow (Qmax).
    • The flow meter shall operate above the transition flow (Qt) at least 80% of the time.
  • And requires a minimum cost to adapt RMS.
You can read this other post to learn a bit about flows metering. Maybe the solution to this challenge already exists in another industry! Our Prize! 12.000 € cash prize for the winner Download full challenge description This is a real engineering challenge! Are you an engineering? Do you have industrial metrology skills? Are you familiar with measuring and testing equipment? Are you up to our challenges?