Water Recovery System Challenge (€17.000 in prizes)

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Pladur ChallengePladur manufacturing process is very intensive in energy and water consumption. As part of its sustainability initiatives, Pladur wants a water recovery system to economically recover the maximum volume of water from steam to be used for the hydration, at a lower cost compared to the cost of water consumption from the network. And this to be achieved with a minimal investment (recovery period of maximum 2 years). Evaluation criteria The evaluation criteria in each of the rounds of the tournament for the proposed solutions are:
  • Business case (cost to recover water)
  • Investment required (maximum 2 years recovery)
The Prize The winner will be awarded with a 15.000 € cash prize and the other 2 finalists will be awarded with a 1.000 € cash prize each In addition, depending on the quotation for implementation, there is an opportunity to conduct the final implementation of the solution. Participate in this ennomotive challenge! Download a PDF with the full description of the challenge Help us making manufacturing more sustainable!