This is what Temporary Factory facilities could look like

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Temporary factory facilities allow saving time and money in projects

circus, temporary tent The Cirque du Soleil tent (source: Flickr)
Can you imagine having temporary factory facilities next to the actual works every time? That would save a lot of time since you don't have to face long distances for transportation. That would mean saving a lot of money too... Temporary buildings are more common than you might think. Just take a look at the circus tents that come to town every year. Those tents are relocated and reused in different locations many times. The traveling tents seat thousands of spectators, and reach more than 10 meters high! This tents (but smaller) are usually used for weddings and events in the outdoors. They are built for the occasion, and the same structure is used several times. Lately, temporary buildings have been used for "pop-up" stores and museums. This structures are innovative and take design into account. Recently, inflatable structures are gaining ground on this market. Temporary structure, exhibition Louis Vuitton Exhibition (source: Bloomberg)
Inflatable airsculpt, temporary structure, events Inflatable structure (source: Airsculpt)
              But that's not all! Some of this buildings are surprisingly fast to build too! Take a look at this video of a building erected in less than two days: Do you have any ideas for a temporary factory facility? How would you make it more flexible and cost-effective? Check out our challenges!