The power of engaging games

What makes games engaging for learning purposes?

Did you know people recall 90% of what they have learnt if they learn it by doing (even if only as a simulation)? This is 9 times more than what they’d recall by just reading, according to e-learning industry.

In addition, 75% of people consider themselves gamers. No wonder why the gamification industry is expected to grow to $2.8 billion in 2016, just in the U.S. Also, game-based learning is becoming more and more popular.

top 3 industries using gamification

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But what makes a game engaging? You have to go beyond points and badges. You have to make the gamers feel competent, give them a sense of self-efficacy and mastery.

These are some tips to make a successful (engaging) game:

  1. Encourage them to keep going by rewarding both small and big accomplishments.
  2. Make It social: Give people the opportunity to share their accomplishments, so you add significance to their achievements.
  3. Make it challenging, but not frustrating: Games that are too easy are boring, but those too difficult are frustrating.
  4. Feedback: Tell the gamers what they did wrong or what they could have improved
  5. Know your target audience:

Source: slideshare

Game-based learning is a great tool to make people enjoy the learning process. A good game can can help people understand complex issues, and reinforce their knowledge.

Now it’s time to put these tips into use!

How much do you know about game-based learning? How would you use this to create a game for a TSO?


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