The Ennomotive Ranking is published!

The 2015 ranking with our best solvers is published! Check it out!

More than 3000 engineers are part of this great community. Today, we want to acknowledge some of the best solvers from 2015. This is the top 12 solvers ranking! We want to congratulate these great engineers, physics, and other scientist and recognize their talent and problem-solving abilities. To see the full list, visit Ennomotive's Ranking. This list considers the quality of the solutions submitted, as well as the individual's result (finalist, semifinalist...). It will be updated every time a challenge is completed. We don't forget the solvers that, while not featured in this list, have been putting their efforts into solving the challenges we have published. Congratulations to them too! What are you waiting for? You could be the next solver featured in the TOP 12! Join our community!