Build or join an innovation ecosystem and
accelerate the development of your products and services


Ennomotive has a proven expertise in the creation of innovation ecosystems. An ecosystem is a hub where experts, startups, companies, etc. meet to develop innovative products and services.

This expertise comes from the creation of the first global ecosystem specialized in engineering innovation in 2015. This ecosystem has now a network of +20,000 engineers and startups that have solved over 80 technology challenges.

Apart from access to the community and solutions for your challenges, we offer end-to-end open innovation programs, workshops for the identification and selection of challenges, and technology scouting to solve technology challenges.

Now we put this expertise at your service to create specialized ecosystems that focus on a topic that matches your innovation strategy.

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How does an ecosystem work?

A company can either create an ecosystem or request to join an existing one. Every ecosystem is built around a strategic topic and its members, including companies, must have a strong interest in said topic. In an ecosystem, companies join forces to attract relevant startups from their sector and create new synergies.

The ecosystems support the strategic innovation of companies by giving the projects continuity and establishing long-lasting collaborations with startups. The different ecosystems feed off of the general Engineering Ecosystem, with over 20,000 members. Additionally, ennomotive will help to scale up the member network in every ecosystem.

The ecosystem members are selected as long as they provide value to the ecosystem with their knowledge and technology. Ennomotive studies every request to access an ecosystem, as well as the user profile before becoming a member.

What you can do in an ecosystem?

An ecosystem allows you to collaborate with experts, startups, and SMEs from your innovation field to identify opportunities, carry out collaborative projects, co develop prototypes or test new technology solutions.

Innovation Challenges


In an ecosystem, you can publish open innovation challenges to find companies, startups, and experts to collaborate in your most innovative projects.
Challenges represent either a company’s technology needs in the development of innovative products and services or the improvement of company operations.
Through these challenges, companies identify solutions and potential partners to join forces and accelerate their innovation. If you want to know more about how innovation challenges work, please visit this section. 

Articles and news


In every ecosystem, you will find the articles & news section where members post information of interest, always related to the topic of the ecosystem. In this section, as a sponsor company, you may do the following:

  • Publish news to give visibility to your training events, creative activities, hackathons, webinars, etc. and attract talent.
  • Share your innovation and technology achievements through the publication of articles.
  • Learn about the latest technologies and how they are applied in different industries.
  • Find inspiration in real success cases and stay updated with what other startups are doing and their technology's level of maturity.

Interact with other members in the threads


Threads allow you to have public or private discussions with ecosystem members about a specific topic. Besides, the following actions can be done in the threads:

  • Discover technologies or market trends.
  • Kick-off collaborations with other members.
  • Seek solutions to common challenges
  • Learn about a technology’s level of maturity.
  • Look for business tips
  • Compare experiences with other companies
  • And so much more.

Meet the main actors in your sector


In the Intelligence section, you will discover in the map different companies, startups, and organizations from your sector.

  • Meet a startup’s founding partners and establish agreements to work together.
  • Discover what is the growth and market penetration in different parts of the world.
  • Find out about new patents from startups to perform technology monitoring around a specific topic. and detect potential threats coming from other markets.
  • Understand every startup’s proposal to carry out assessments and establish potential collaborations.
  • Perform an analysis by country, industry, or technology to understand the market evolution and the new actors.

What ennomotive can do for you


Evaluate the potential and viability of developing an ecosystem around an innovation topic of your interest.


Create a new ecosystem, either custom-made or shared with other companies, to increase your ability to attract startups and experts while creating synergies that reduce the cost of your technology scouting.

Give you access to an existing ecosystem where you may publish your technology challenges or search on our startup database.

If you want more information about ennomotive or you have any questions about our ecosystems, challenges, etc.

Please, contact us