We have selected some sustainability challenges in construction, mining, car components manufacturing, steel, paper, etc. These challenges have been solved thanks to the contributions of ennomotive’s community of engineers.

Society demands that the operations of some industries respect and protect the environment while generating benefits and improving the country’s economy.

Recent technological developments have been key to overcome these barriers but technology also has its limitations. Sometimes technological development could not solve tech complexities or lacks the required maturity for the cost to allow immediate implementation.

For these reasons, big companies are embracing more modern and agile methodologies such as open innovation challenges to overcome these barriers.

In our article section, you can find a selection of posts published in the ennomotive blog about sustainability. These articles have been written by both our team and top engineers from our community; check out ennomotive’s engineering ranking 2019.

You can catch up on the latest sustainability advancements and their real industrial applications here.


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