Social Solver Challenges: Why Engineers Should Participate

Why Engineers should Participate in Social Solver challenges 

In Ennomotive, we solve different challenges every year with the vision of creating a better world through shared technology and global talent. Our goal is to contribute to the solution of major innovation challenges with the largest pool of global technological talent.

Several challenges that have been solved within our innovation ecosystem include the “early detection of fire in the forests”, “air quality control in car interiors”, and the “reuse of mine tailings” where engineers were capable of finding the solution to efficiently convert waste into valuable products in an effort to contribute to the circular economy.  However, right now, we have expanded our engineering scope with Social Solver challenges

Ennomotive has a commitment to social impact

Since its foundation, Ennomotive has also wanted to solve social issues through solidarity challenges. Some examples include the distribution of water for the Wampis community in the Amazon or the optimization of the lifespan of lead batteries in photovoltaic systems in Peruvian and Mexican regions where conventional power networks are not economically viable

As a response to the scarcity of ventilators in the market to fight COVID-19, last year Ennomotive launched a very special challenge, fast manufacturing of COVID-19 ventilators, which became the origin of our new ecosystem, Social Solver. There were between 100 to 200 engineers working and contributing to the project with diverse ideas to complete the best solution. The participation was truly incredible, in fact, the OxyVita project has mobilized more participants than any other Ennomotive challenge. 

Social Solver challenges are part of a new innovation ecosystem to solve social challenges through technology

During this time period, we brainstormed the idea of Social Solver and decided to make it a reality with the help of Ayuda En Accion. At the same time, the UNESCO report emerged, which allowed us to dive in depth on motivations, inspirations and overall reasons as to why engineers should work together to produce solutions to global issues. We observed and understood why engineers have the potential to save lives, especially given the current pandemic we are going through right now.

Therefore, Social Solver is a new ecosystem with the purpose of completely revolutionizing the development of social engineering projects. We look for talented engineers who are highly skilled and interested in making a difference in the world. The real question is: Why should engineers devote their time contributing to Social Solver challenges? Engineers are key players in our society, as they have one of the biggest impacts on the globe over other professions according to the UNESCO Engineering Report. 

Without engineers, what would become of us? If they do not do their job, who else will? Society needs engineers to use their diverse talents to contribute to creative solutions for challenges in different fields and countries. It is vital to raise awareness of the important role engineering plays in modern life. Engineering is essential to alleviate the impact of climate change and quickly advance sustainable development. They pave the way for it by planning accordingly, and building projects that can preserve natural resources and respond to natural hazards. Most importantly, engineers can improve the quality of life for everyone, including future generations. 

Engineering has helped shape the world for millennia and now more than ever the world needs engineering to keep on building durable infrastructure, connecting the development division, and helping other countries keep up,  among many other actions. The opportunities that engineering brings to the table are infinite and can make endless positive impacts no matter where or when.

Participating in Social Solver challenges will allow all engineers to generate richness throughout different communities with the newest technologies and global talent in our ecosystem. To support vulnerable communities is to give back to the world and to help transform the lives of others through digital transformation and open innovation. 

The challenge of creating a sustainable fish industry for the Mamugah community in Honduras

One of our most recent Social Solver challenges is the Fish Conservation in Honduras. Given the high temperatures of the area, the fishing methods, the transportation time, and the low capacity for cold storage on the boats, the fish do not always arrive in the best of conditions to the processing plant in Santa Fe.

The goal of the challenge is to design a preservation system for the captured fish that works continuously from the moment the fish is caught to the moment it  arrives in the processing plant.

This is just an example of how innovation in engineering is necessary to better adapt and address today’s global challenges. It drives social, economic, and human development and, as we know it, is a major factor in open innovation and the rise and fall of civil societies. 

Thanks to the engineers’ participation, collaboration and the use of technology in the given challenges, the world can become a better place. Vulnerable communities will have the opportunity to slowly eradicate poverty, grow, and succeed due to their share of talent adapted to their region. Not only will it help them grow as individuals, but they will also experience real-life problems of struggling communities throughout the world. Share your knowledge in technology and innovation through our open innovation platform.

Those who participate in Social Solver challenges can also win prizes, rewards and recognition for helping others in need.

What are you waiting for? Join us at Social Solver where engineers create a new world.