SMED for a Rubber Extrusion Line (7.000 € in prizes!)

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Use SMED to reduce the set-up time in a Rubber Extrusion Line from 36 to 20 min

We have our first SMED challenge! Our client is a company devoted to the production of sealing systems for the automotive industry. And flexibility is a must-have to stay competitive... As a result companies invest in enabling a quick set-up of their manufacturing lines. This company has also been improving in this area, however now they would like to progress even more. Can you help propose a faster setup process? Like pit stops in F1? So ... what are we looking for? This challenge is looking for reducing the set-up times of the full rubber extrusion line with a reasonable investment in new tooling or equipment. Do you have a solution? If you have a good idea please help us solve this challenge ... just consider than any proposed solution:
  • Needs to reduce the setup time under 20 min. ... and with the lower effort.
  • Should require investments in tooling up to 52 K€.
  • Should be feasible!
Get a 6.000 € cash prize if you win or a 1.000 € if you are second finalist! Download full challenge description This is a real SMED challenge! Are you an engineer, a lean practitioner? Do you have or want to build SMED skills? Are you up to our challenge?