Shape your Future during the Afterwork

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It is commonly known that people these days will not work for a single company or stay in the same department performing the same role forever. Quite the contrary, the current trend suggests that millenials are unapologetically job-hopping more than the previous generations. There is a increasing number of people who are currently working on a (slightly or completely) different field than what they studied in college. It is perfectly normal nowadays to run into a History major who is now working on PR for an energy company or to see a former drama student running a startup specialised in sushi delivery. The bottom line here is `it's never too late´. But only if you manage your time wisely. If you finish work at 6pm and go to bed at 12 pm, there is plenty of time that you can put to your self-growth as a professional. There are many things you can do: write a blog, learn how to code, start a Master's degree, grow and take care of your professional network, participate in a competition... As a matter of fact, 30% of our global community are full time engineers that wish to get out of their comfort zone and expand their knowledge. By participating in engineering challenges outside their area of expertise, they learn, challenge themselves, and prove that they are capable of adapting to new projects. Of course it is perfectly fine to just disconnect your brain and take some time off after work, but it is tremendously important to never stop learning, studying, trying new things. That curiosity will help you take control of your career and it will help you shape your future. Whoever thinks you only grow professionaly from 9 to 5 has not great time-management skills, for sure. There is always something you can do to become more competitive, to grow in your field of knowledge or to learn about a completely different one. Check out our challenge!