Reduce Noise for Golf Trolley (3K€ in prizes)

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Do you know that some startups are working on the future of golf solutions? If you are golf fan, there is no need to worry, they are already improving the golfing experience with a new golf trolley. This company is trying to introduce in the market their own scooter golf to help golf players move around the golf course. They want your help for reducing the noise of this new vehicle in order to make golf games more enjoyable for the players. This competition is intended to find a better or different design (modifying the current design, use different materials, use other elements, creating a new design…) with the purpose of decreasing the metallic buzzing sound of 84dB. Your solution will be assessed according to the following criteria: • Minimize noise of current prototype • At a minimum possible cost • Introducing minimum changes • Making sure your solution complies with current mechanical specs Do you have a creative idea as to how this can be accomplished?   Join the challenge here