Design a machine for a PP Fitted Sheet (20K€ in prizes)

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Can you come up with a creative design for a machine that manufactures a fitted sheet for ambulance covers? Participate in this ennomotive challenge and win up to 20,000 EUR in prizes.

 PP Fitted Sheet For Ambulance Covers

Could you help this healthcare company to design a new equipment to manufacture a fitted sheet? Our client is a manufacturer of  safety and sanitation products. They want to manufacture single use fitted sheets for ambulance stretcher mattress covers ... Fitted Sheet for ambulance mattress cover Fitted Sheet for ambulance mattress cover
... And they are looking for a process to weld or apply a memory material (elastic, adhesive etc.) to radiuses corners on two ends of a non-woven polypropylene spun-bond... So ... could you helps us solve this challenge? Help us solve this challenge ... the single use sheet specifications are:
  • Nonwoven spunbond material will weight from 50gsm to 100gsm
  • Length of circumference of is approximately 64.5”” (164 cm”) on each end of sheet
  • Memory material width acceptable range 0.5cm - 1.0cm.
  • Material cannot contain natural latex.
  • Aprox. process cycle time 5 sec./sheet
  • Maximum investment budget $ 400,000.00
... And win a 20.000 € cash PRIZE! Are you a creative engineer? Do you have design skills for manufacturing a machine that produces a fitted sheet? See full challenge description