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At Trigger Systems, we develop efficient, sustainable, and intelligent solutions using the most recent technology. We developed a platform that can remotely and automatically control and connect different equipment with distinct applications.
Using artificial intelligence models, we can easily and automatically control different equipment as if they were only one, which results in resource-saving. We can provide hardware or integrate the existing one.
Our software is responsible for managing devices, providing efficiency. The savings are obtained due to intelligent models where each device is controlled automatically depending on its application. A sensor has always a digital or analogic input but, when connected to an irrigation remote app, it can represent a leak or, when connected to an air quality app, it can represent a non-healthy environment. Inside our platform, the users can create their own customized solution by using the apps that best represent their systems to maximize their efficiency.

On the platform, the users can create their own customized solution by using the apps that best represent their systems to maximize their efficiency.
Some of the applications available nowadays in the Trigger Systems platform are irrigation, pumps, energy, water tanks, buildings, air quality, rivers, and others. Besides the platform, we also have a mobile application where the user can engage with the municipality infrastructures by controlling fountains, lights or artistic installations connected to Trigger Systems.



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January 2017

Team Members:

Francisco Manso, Sara Gonçalves, Samuel Balula, Dario Lopes, Andre Manso, Alexandre Pais, Alejandro Muschkin

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Sara Gonçalves


It maximizes the use of your resources and increase effectivenes.


Trigger Systems

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Several tech and API partners, and ongoing discussions with other tech partners. Plus we’ve successfully on boarded our first airport operator, and are in discussions with a second airport operator

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