System for Dynamic Electromagnetic Fuel Treatment

Project description

This project is a device for electromagnetic fuel treatment for internal combustion engine. The device can reduce considerably the fuel consumption and decrease harmful emissions.

There are some prototypes, which have been tested on diesel engines of cars, minibuses, trucks and stationary motors. The results are:  Reduction of the fuel consumption – 8-21%  Reduction of the smokiness – 30-40%  Reduction of CO2 and nitrogen compounds – 1-2.5%.

We are looking for investors and/or manufacturers to invest in completing the design and integrating it into their production and market.


Energy & Water



Interested in:



January 2012

Contact name:

Petko Lazarov

Team members:

Petko Lazarov

Petar Jangozov

Branimir Banov

Svetoslav Malinov


Reduce considerably the fuel consumption and decrease harmful emissions.


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